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I'm Kristen Fogarty – muralist, fine artist and graphic designer living in Denver, CO. After receiving my 
BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia, I moved out west, got off the computer and onto
a ladder, paintbrush in hand. While I continued to freelance as a graphic designer, I refined my skills as
a fine artist painting on walls and ceilings. When it comes to creative pursuits, it's all fuel to the fire.
I like thinking big and working small, working big and paying close attention to the little things. 

For project inquiries, collaborations, available pieces or creative curiosities contact me here
or by email at

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Art is an expression of the soul, a way to see through another's eyes. I think this planet is pretty unbelievable. Its colors and textures, its very nature and history are, to me, the greatest story ever told. I am inspired everyday by how small we are and how big Earth is, better yet the the universe is and the layers to it all. My work is a representation of how this amazing reality is as wild as our imaginations.

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